Many people are now experiencing working from home for perhaps the first time. I’ve been mostly working from home since I started my own business. 

laptop with coffee

Here’s a few things I’ve learned after years of doing it:

  • Create a space in your house dedicated to work. When I first started doing freelance writing my desk was located at the end of our dining room. Later we remodeled to add a home office. When the space was in view, I made sure to tidy up at the end of every day and “close shop”. Now, I can simply close the door and walk out of the room. 
  • Create a schedule with start and stop times. Otherwise work will bleed into your entire day or your life will bleed into your work time. If you have to juggle other responsibilities, try to schedule blocks of time for work and blocks for other things. Then stick to your schedule as much as possible. Your work day might be a few hours before the other members of your household are up, a few during the regular “working hours”, and a few at the end of the day. Track how much time you put in.
  • Schedule self-care such as workouts. In my case, I schedule workouts just like I schedule meetings. I also use to keep from working too long without taking a moment to stop and stretch or walk around for a minute. 
  • Get dressed everyday as if you are going to see people. I make a point to wear clothes that I can be seen in. (Even if it’s jeans and flip flops with a top.) I think it sets a mood for your mind.