Flink, Inc. Clients

Adobe Systems

(End User, Graphics, eCommerce) Created courses for Magento now owned by Adobe. See Magento for details. Wrote several chapters for the Photoshop 6 User Guide including the layers, drawing and editing, and selecting chapters along with sections in other chapters. The content was single-sourced for both print and online Help. Wrote tutorial articles that were featured on the website. Wrote tutorial articles for Illustrator 8 that were single-sourced and featured on the web site.

Aladdin Systems

(End User, UX, Utilities) For over four years I updated archiving and installer software and created CD-ROM mini manuals for StuffIt Express and StuffIt Express Windows (several versions), StuffIt Browser, StuffIt Deluxe (several versions),created Drop Zip documentation, wrote Installer Maker 7 Tutorials, updated Spring Cleaning—a system clean up utility (several versions), wrote the StuffIt SpaceSaver guide, and created a functional specification for a new product.

AltiGen Communications

(API, Telephony) Edited telephony SDKs written by Chinese engineers to be more appropriate for an English-language audience and added some additional background content for new users to the system.

Ariba, Inc.

(System Admin, Enterprise) Updated online and PDF documentation for Ariba (Catalog Format Reference Guide, Catalog Management Guide, Transactions Guide, and others).


(Sys Admin, Business User, AI) Created the initial documentation plan, structure, and much of the content for an AI intelligent automation platform

Barnes & Noble

(End User) Created multiple releases of a User Guide for the educational publisher market using InDesign on the Mac. Also created an EPUB 3 version of the same guide.

Beatnik, Inc.

(API, Audio, Mobile) For many years, I edited and wrote API reference material about a MIDI audio-based API for mobile devices (mobileBAE client) and host systems authored in C++ (and C). I worked on both the client and host versions for-several releases, and also wrote online Help for a SP-MIDI editor. I wrote in Framemaker, edited comments in the source code, and created a process to automatically generate SDK reference documentation from header files (using Doc O Matic).

Blue Martini Software

(Sys Admin, Enterprise. eCommerce) I wrote updates to two releases of Blue Martini Commerce Enterprise Desktop documentation suite—authored in Framemaker and single-sourced with Webworks Publisher. I also wrote updates to the Blue Martini Relationship Marketing documentation suite and to the Blue Martini Clienteling documentation.

Borland Software Corporation

(Programmer, Sys Admin, Enterprise, UX) In addition to being an employee for Borland prior to my freelance career, I came back as a contractor on two occasions. I worked on the New Features Guide and online Help for JBuilder 2006 (A Java development environment). I also worked on updates to Borland CaliberRM and StarTeam documentation—porting content from Framemaker to XML using Arbortext Epic Editor and updating it for changes in the new releases. As an employee, I worked on documentation for many releases of C++, and worked on Turbo Pascal, Delphi, Paradox (database) add-ons, and other database products that didn’t ship. I shipped over 30 Help systems, some single-sourced content, was involved in usability design and testing, and created embedded training content.

BranchLogic, Inc.

(UI/UX, Financial) I worked as part of a team on the User Interface design—related to the Help functionality in a web portal and a web application. I also made recommendations for restructuring and reusing existing Help-related content in the new portal structure.

Cobalt Robotics

(Business User, AI) Edited whitepapers about robotics and AI.

Collaborative Standards

(End User, Non-profit) I wrote the GrantStream User Manual for a custom grant management software application.


(Sys Admin, API, Big Data) I created the initial documentation and then the subsequent three releases of a wiki-based documentation suite for Datameer (data modeling tools for big data) using Confluence and wrote some white papers. I also added API documentation in the form code comments to some of the application code stored in a Git repository.

E-mu Systems

(Programmer, Musician) I wrote online Help for the MIDI-related SoundFont Librarian 1.5 and APS (Audio Production Studio) 1.0.

Eovia Corporation

(End User, Graphics) See also MetaCreations. I updated the Carrara User Guide (v4.0) that I originally wrote at MetaCreations. Carrara is a 3D modeling package.


(Sys Admin, eCommerce) Magento was a subsidiary of eBay, see Magento for details. I also did work for PayPal, see PayPal.

ePeople, Inc.

(API, Sys Admin) I wrote Java-based APIs for the ePeople Service Network Platform and updates to those APIs, four online guides, a style sheet, and other documents over the course of several years.


(End User) I worked on a variety of projects for eSoftDev including a user guide for an online Project Management tool and created Java-based software reference guides.


(Sys Admin, Business User, Financial) I created or updated existing coursework for FinancialForce accounting, revenue management, sales order fulfillment, purchase requisitions, spend management, revenue management, revenue forecasting, and professional services automation. FinancialForce provides an ERP solution for Salesforce.

GoldSpot Media

(Sys Admin, UI/UX, Mobile) I wrote the initial documentation for the miStudio documentation suite for GoldSpot Media: Administration Guide, Campaign Manager Guide, Installation Guide, Getting Started Guide, and did some user interface consulting for this interactive mobile advertising management tool company. I also worked on updates to the suite for several years.


(End User) I wrote software and hardware User Guides for HP for Everdream (desktop management as a service)


(API, RFID hardware) I wrote API documentation for Intelleflex (RFID sensor technology) including content generated using Doxygen and a procedural guide authored in Framemaker.

InterSAN, Inc.

(Sys Admin, Database) I wrote updates to JavaHelp and HTML-based Help for a SAN application.

Intuit, Inc.

(End User, Financial, UI/UX) For many years I wrote about QuickBooks covering various features including mail merge and several releases of the year end guide. Another project was to create web-based and online Help for QuickBooks Product Listing Service—a collaboration between Intuit and Google. Additionally, I worked on the Invoice Manager Help and QuickBooks Payroll Getting Started Guide. I was involved with the usability testing of the QuickBooks features I was working on and some of the user design—specifically all wording of user screens and error message text for those product areas. As part of a separate project, I created a web-based Style Guide and provided reference information for one release of TurboTax and TurboTax for the Web.

Juniper Networks

(Sys Admin, Network) I wrote an update to the JWOS Command Line Reference Guide for Juniper Networks.


(Sys Admin, End User, Medical) I wrote updates to internal and external wiki content for Keas (health improvement software).

Kyvos Insights

((Sys Admin, End User, Big Data) I created multiple releases of the Kyvos user documentation for a big data analysis tool, and wrote several whitepapers. The documentation and context-sensitive help is hosted on Confluence and supports single souring for product variants. I also worked on a comprehensive training plan and online content.

Macromedia Inc.

(End User, API, Instructional Design, Graphics, Media) I worked on both the end user and developer documentation for Flash 5 (ActionScript and SDK—specifically the audio and bitbuffer features ), I updated two chapters of the documentation for the Fireworks 4 user guide – and then wrote some online and embedded tutorials and Web-based articles for after that release shipped.


(Sys Admin, Programmer, Instructional Design) For years, I have been creating online instructor-led training materials for Magento eCommerce developers including courses in the Magento Checkout series, a course for graphic designers, and updates to Performance Optimization, a course about testing Magento code using PHPUnit, Theming in Magento 2.0, Magento Business Intelligence, and worked on several releases of the Managing Your Magento Store series. I’ve also created courses for QA staff and a course on writing code for unit testing a user application during development. Some of the courses have been self-paced but most are web-based instructor-led. Tools used include Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate Studio, and Articulate Storyline. I’ve also created Storyline templates. Magento is now owned by Adobe.

Maxtor Corporation

(End User, hardware) I wrote a Reviewer’s Guide and two releases of an internal hard drive installation guide.

MetaCreations Corporation

(End User, API, Instructional Design, Graphics, Media) I worked on and then updated the first three releases of the Carrara documentation at MetaCreations (and later again worked on several updates at Eovia). Carrara is a 3D Modeling software package). I was the project lead of a team of writers and graphic artists, which included staff and contract personnel for the User’s Guide. Additionally, I worked on the SDK reference, overview, and programmer’s cookbook. I also worked on Ray Dream Studio 5.5 (the precursor to Carrara), Bryce 4, an environmental modeling package, Headline Studio 1.0 (an animated banner editor), and Soap 2 a photo editor and management package.

Muse Corporation

(API, Media) I edited the Muse Developer Guide, Muse Client User Guide, Muse Server User Guide, and Cookbook.


(Sys Admin, Instructional Design, Network, Security) Over several years, I wrote the Administrator’s Configuration Guide and Getting Started Guide for Nokia Secure Access System, a secure remote access product (and did edits to Technology Overview). I also wrote the New Features Guide for IP-VPN software, and updated the User’s Guides for Nokia Message Protector, a secure content management appliance for SMTP email traffic. I also wrote the Nokia IP-VPN Gateway New Features Guide. I also worked on their training content and provided edits to security-related courseware for Nokia. Courses were authored in PowerPoint and the documentation was generated into Word participant and instructor guides.


(End User, Medical) I provided updates to User Guides for Novation, a medical ordering management portal.


(End User, Admin) I provided updates and new content for both documentation and training materials including instructional videos for Oracle HCM and Fusion products. I worked on Creating and Administering Reports for HCM and produced content for US Payroll Guides and the Payroll Localization guide.


(Internal Development) I produced documentation for an internal tool used for statistical risk analysis for Paypal. 

Plantronics, Inc.

(End User, Audio software and hardware) I wrote the Calisto Pro Getting Started Guide and did updates to its User Guide. I also did updates to a large number of headset user guides. In a separate project I wrote several white papers (VoIP voice quality, wireless range, amplifier direct connect, and others.)


(End User, AI) I created customer-facing content for use on an automated intelligence web portal, in emails sent by an AI, and in dialog boxes in the AI app that works with Salesforce. I also wrote text for emails used in a marketing campaign and other marketing content.

Seagate Technology

(End User, Financial) I created web-based documentation for an online billing status application using Vignette, and produced planning documents for repurposing online content for a web portal.

Sinch Technology

(Developer, API, Mobile) I edited multiple releases of API documentation written by Swedish developers for a US market.

Sony Corporation

(Developer, API, Graphics, Media) I wrote the Blendo Multimedia Authoring Guide, a series of process documents, and the Blendo SDK all of which were generated as single-source documentation using Doxygen. Blendo was used to produce streaming content for the Japanese PlayStation market.

Starfish Software

(End User) Wrote user guides for calendar synchronization tools.

Symantec Corporation

(API, Security) Reorganized and edited internal Product Security wiki for Symantec—focus was secure coding techniques and processes.

Symmetricom Inc.

(Sys Admin, Enterprise) Updated documentation for TimeSource, a network synchronization product. Created documentation for TimePictra, a network synchronization product, made updates to TimeCraft, to the SoftClock User Guide (both residential and enterprise versions), and to the SoftClock Calibration and QuickStart Guides.


(Sys Admin, End User, HR) Edits to Taleo Business Edition Recruit documentation (online hiring management service), Taleo Business Edition Perform (online performance management service) and OnBoard (employee engagement and activity tracking tool for new hires).


(Instructional Design, Media) Created source content for training for TiVo partners and train the trainer materials for TiVo staff.


(API, Medical, FDA) Created developer and internal documentation for Vital Connect, edited the FDA submission documents, and created a Functional Specification for prospective partners.

Zend Technologies, Inc. (now Perforce Software, Inc.)

(Instructional Design, Programmer, Security) Created instructor-led web-based training courses for Zend Technologies (PHP programming from introductory to advanced including Security). Created recent courses using Reveal.js.

Multimedia projects

Modis Training Technologies

(Instructional Design, Media) Network-based multimedia training on semiconductor technology and processes including safety.

Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation

(Instructional Design) Network-based multimedia training on semiconductor technology and processes including safety.

Rockwell Semiconductor Systems

(Instructional Design) Network-based multimedia training on semiconductor technology and processes including safety.

CET (Center for Employment Training)

(Instructional Design) Created a self-paced program to teach basic computer skills to participants in CET training programs for fields of study where computer skills were not required.

Bay Area school districts

(Instructional Design) I was part of a team creating gender equality training for teachers in bay area schools.